I'm Allie Hartman.
On paper - I'm currently a Senior Art Director at Momentum Worldwide. I've been lucky enough to work on a lot of cool brands with even cooler people, and I genuinely love the sh*t out of good advertising.
Off paper - I love to travel, eat weird foods, write songs no one will ever hear, and single-handedly try to bring back the mirror selfie (see above).
Most importantly, I love doing what I'm passionate about. You're not going to find someone more confident, determined, or motivated to get what she wants.
For real, try me.
Fun Facts:
- I can eat wasabi like it's nothing (yes I have won a lot of bets this way)
- The movie Mean Girls and The Breakfast Club were based off of my high school
- I am incredibly good at carrying things, specifically water bottles, on my head
- I was on a Netflix reality TV show
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