"Allie is going to change the world in a few years, so I recommend you start riding her coattails now. She is confident and creative, a potent combo!"
- Willie Baronet, Professor
"Allie is one of the most determined individuals I know. I love her to the moon and back and I am proud to be her Mom!"
- Karen, My Mother
"She's more talented and harder working than everyone in the room, but she's humble about it, so everyone loves her because there's no ego to deal with. Not only is she a great art director, she's smart, funny, strong, and has an insane bandwidth. She has great taste (which is hard, if not impossible, to teach)."
- Mark Allen, Professor
"The first day I met Allie, she scratched me. 1/5."
- Greg, Older Brother
"Loud, but mostly in a good way."
- Gabby Grubb, Classmate
"Knows every word to Hamilton. Can name 35 different  types of cheese. Can solve the case on Criminal Minds before the episode is half over. Was a French Bulldog in her past life."
- Wyatt Welch, Former Boyfriend
- Katie, Favorite Baby Cousin
"Not nice."
- Carrick, Least Favorite Baby Cousin
- Charlie, High School Hater
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