"Allie is going to change the world in a few years, so I recommend you start riding her coattails now. She is confident and creative, a potent combo!"
- Willie Baronet, Professor
"Allie is one of the most determined individuals I know. I love her to the moon and back and I am proud to be her Mom!"
- Karen, My Mother
"The first day I met Allie, she scratched me. 1/5."
- Greg, Older Brother
"Loud, but mostly in a good way"
- Gabby Grubb, Classmate
"Knows every word to Hamilton. Can name 35 differentĀ  types of cheese. Can solve the case on Criminal Minds before the episode is half over. Was a French Bulldog in her past life."
- Wyatt Welch, Former Boyfriend
- Katie, Favorite Baby Cousin
"Not nice."
- Carrick, Least Favorite Baby Cousin
- Charlie, High School Hater
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